About Business Analytics Collaborative

We are a unique community committed to providing our Members an excellent educational experience.


About BAC

Business Analytics Collaborative (BAC) is a free community for anyone interested in anything related to business analytics. At BAC we understand how important it is in today’s digital world to understand the discipline of analytics. We are the first free community where you can learn, discuss, and engage with other Members, Experts, and Partners on every aspect of analytics.

It’s our mission to provide our Members with a wide variety of educational materials and opportunities to help learn about all things analytics. We are here to help individuals across the spectrum of analytic interests, from building or enhancing an analytic environment, to understanding how analytics can create value, to establishing a vision for how analytics can help your organization.


Whether you're an analytics expert or just getting started, in the BAC content library you'll find helpful material on dozens of topics from a wide variety of perspectives.


BAC members build their knowledge in many different ways. Take advantage of collaborative discussions, forums, and one-on-one conversations with experts, educators, and other members.


Connect with other analytics professionals and stay in the loop for the industry events and discussions that are most important to you.

Member Commitment

At BAC we are committed to providing you a valuable educational experience in a safe environment with no strings attached. We are committed creating an environment that facilities collaboration and interactions, but only when you decide to engage. There will be no unwanted calls or emails from vendors wanting to sell their solutions. It’s our desire that members will connect with other members one-on-one, in small highly-interactive sessions, or in structured sessions led by thought leaders.